Edward Kiefer (FL)
2016 Roush Stage 3 Phase 2 Manual Signed by Jack
Bernie Burl (AZ)
My Mustang is a 2008 ROUSH P51A. It has over 93,000 miles on it. I have driven it to car shows all over the USA. It was chosen to be in a video by Ford Performance on Mustang Alley. It was chosen by Dan Neve for the Cruise for a Cause calendar. It is feautured on June 2020. In 2019 it was selected to be in the special ROUSH display in the convention center for the PITS show in TN.
Brian Pinter (WI)
"2018 Roush JackHammer #146 of 161. 710 HP of Roush Supercharged 2650 TVS.
20,000 miles of Pure ENJOYMENT."
Angela Taralla (WV)
2014 Roush Stage 3 with Phase 3 Upgrade. Custom tune, larger fuel injectors; 715 hp. Rohana RC7's, staggered 20" x 9.5", 20" x 11" w/ Nitto 555's. Barton short throw shifter, Centerforce clutch, carbon fiber driveshaft, RTR deck lid panel, custom emblems and custom steering wheel center cap.
Richard Harman (IA)
2004 5 speed Roush stage 2 (one of four), Alcon big brakes, BBK headers, MRT aluminum hinged louvers with an extra set of Roush wheels with stickies and everything needed for track days pulled behind it on a 5x8' custom matching trailer.
Rose Manos (WA)
My Mustang is a 2001 Roush Stage 2 converible. She has just over 16,000 miles of smiles on her and is a gorgeous car
Bryon Kelchen (IA)
2009 Roush Black Jack 14,000 miles. Award winning Roush at Strugis Mustang Rally and featured as display vehicle at the night of the awards. 1 of 47 made in 2009.
Bryon Kelchen (IA)
2018 Roush Jach Hammer Purchased new in 2018. Won the Roush class at the Sturgis Mustang Rally.
Randy Winchel (WI)
2012 Roush Stage 3, SN 17 Red Blooded American, 2012 Roush Stage 3, SN 03 Performance Pearl
Ben Tilleman (WI)
2016 Roush #42 of 45 built 1 of 18 that came in blue. Hand painted red pin stripe on factory wheels from Roush. Only available to service members stationed outside the cotinental United States. Purchased while on 3rd deployment to Afghanistan. Been to many shows to include 2 times at Cruise for a cause and a trip to the mustang 55th show in Charlotte
Johnathan West (SC)
2010 Roush 427R. Air Lift Suspension, BMR K-Member, BMR Radiator Support, BMR Chassis Brace, BMR Rear Lower and Upper Control Arms, BMR Panhard Bar, Dynotec Aluminum Driveshaft, Ford Racing Throttle Body, Ford Racing Headers, Brenspeed Canshafts, Steeda Strut Tower Brace, and much more. Have owned this beauty since December 2013 and loved it ever since!
Brian Flanagan (FL)
2001 Roush stage 3 mineral grey convertible, 14500 miles
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