Ryan Hankins (KS)
Purchased my 2017 brand new in Seattle. The vehicle has been to 15 states, more than some people have been to in an entire lifetime. The exhaust was upgraded with Roush x-pipe and axleback mufflers. Other small modifications where made but only for aesthetics.
Dennis Russell (FL)
2019 Race Red GT Premium, Performance Pack 1, 10 Speed Auto.
Ronald Mews (WI)
Our Mustang is a 2018 GT Premium with carbon fiber and chrome interior trim. Exterior has carbon fiber stripe. Many engine covers have been hydro dipped in black and red to give it a carbon fiber look. Also have chrome trim under the hood.
Courtney Fields (MI)
I just purchased my brand new 2020 Mustang 2 weeks ago. Only has 500 miles on it. Is the eco boost with the high performance package on it. Absolutely love the car!
Alex Baum (MO)
its a 2018 mustang gt with a 401 pack! Its white with tuxedo black accents
Dennis Hurley (NC)
2015 50th Anniversary Model, fully optioned, auto. 4 cylinder turbo, K&N CAI, MBRP mufflers, nRear window louvers, Super Snake racing stripes.
Dennis Healy (NY)
I won this 2019 Mustang in the Ford Motorcraft 5.0 Fever Sweepstakes. I’ve had it for a little over a year and still cannot believe it. Mustang has the following Ford Performance upgrades: X Pipe, Performance Pack Brakes, Street Handling Package and Hood Lift Prop Kit.
Greg & Mary Wills (WI)
2019 Mustang GT 5.0 with a six speed all stock.
Becky Dowda (TX)
My mustang is a 2019 GT 5.0 Premium that I have named “Ember Dragon.” She was pure white when I purchased her. I added a gloss black racing stripe with bright green accent stripes and a flat black dragon “tattoo” on the hood. Other mods I added are: custom black and green side stripes, gloss black and aluminum rims, painted green calipers, green LED interior lighting, an RTR grille, green Afterglow light bars, and a custom airbrushed hood liner with a dragon.
Kathy Jarrell (WV)
2017 RTR Spec2 #009 Only 16 were made in 2017 by Vaughn Gittin Jr
Alejandro Ortiz (NJ)
2017 Pettysgarage Mustang GT, whipple supercharger with 740 RWHP , tuned by Palm Beach Dyno
Jesse Moore (WA)
Its a 2015 Premium Mustang GT. Its got the Steeda race wing, Steeda lowering springs, RTR grille with accent lights, RTR Spec 7 rims, Ford Performance short throw shifter, Roush X-pipe and axle-back exhaust, Custom wrap, Custom hydro-dipped coil covers and plenum cover, and is signed by Jack Roush, Jack Roush Jr, Vaughn Gitten Jr, Chelsea Denofa, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, and cameron moore.
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