Steve Livernash (WI)
Only 2004 Speedster with Beryllium copper factory paint. Rare option - 1 piece anniversary speedster tonneau cover with built in brake light and styling bar. Supercharged S281 engine with a 5 speed manual Transmission. 1 of 1 Saleen certified. Assembled in Irvine, CA
Ronald Semmler (NJ)
The saleen number for this car is 07B, and the B was for Budget rental cars. This 1996 ultraviolet Saleen was one of the Saleen Budget rental cars produced, and one of only 19 in this color from 1996-1998. There were only 2 purple Budget Saleens made in 1996, one stick and one automatic. This is the 1 stick. This was a STOCK ford color on the 1996 mustang.
Mandy Schilling (WI)
One of only 37 legend lime 2006 Saleens only has 9000 miles on it! Get lots of looks going down the road
Frank Lawton (SD)
2016 Mustang in the beautiful Black Hills of SD / Sturgis Mustang Rally
Miki Kreiger (NE)
Michael Jaber (IL)
My car is a 2000 Saleen S281SC Speedster production #45 and is 1 of 8 with the blue/black color scheme. They made 435 convertibles in 2000 and this car has been featured in Mustang Enthusiast Magazine. It is a 4.6 liter Kenne-Bell supercharged engine with a bottle of nitrous oxide in the trunk for those fun occasions. There has been a lot of time and effort put into this Mustang and it brings joy to all those who witness it.
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